Monday, June 25, 2007

Good News!

Barb, Katy and I went to see Dr. Lorch at 11 this morning and he gave us very good news. Almost all of the motion is back in my arm and shoulder and the feeling has returned to my hand and arm. He beat the tar out of my left arm with his "little hammer" and I had no reaction so I have lost the reflex in that arm but according to Dr. Lorch that is not a real biggie. Of course it also isn't his arm. I still see this as a big improvement over the pain I had the last time I was there! He does not think I will need surgery but I am to continue wearing the ever so attractive cervical neck collar and arm sling. I am also supposed to continue physical therapy for the next two months. We asked him if he had any idea what caused this flare up and he had the audacity to say AGE but did have the good sense to also say that the main cause is probably from working at the keyboard so much. Of course he is all of 30 yrs old. Just wait, his time is coming. My pain medicine is cut in half and I have two more days of the prednisone to complete so I am making progress.
Eddie and Mike had to be sooo ready for us to go home but I have to say in spite of not feeling well I can't tell you the last time we had so much fun together. I hate it Eddie wasn't with us over the weekend but she thoroughly enjoyed her much needed beach break with her girlfriends. Mike was delightful and could not have been more hospitable. Katy is still talking about Uncle Mike's invention....THE SWINGSHOT! Hey guy, you really should get a patent. Mike, once again.....Barb and I are very very sorry about the whole prune issue.
We stopped at a great farmers market (McLeods?) on the way back to the beach and had peach ice cream cones. Well, Barb and I did but Katy opted for the more traditional chocolate and chocolate ripple. Guess she isn't a rebel like Banana Barb and Grandma. We unloaded the van, threw in a load of laundry and took off for dinner at one of Katy's favorite places...Planet Hollywood. We had great hamburgers and milk shakes and Katy chose a really cute souveigner mug to take home. After Planet Hollywood we did a little shopping at Broadway At The Beach and made a quick stop at the grocery store. Barb and I HAD to have our salt & vinegar's a tradition. Diet Cherry Coke, salt & vinegar chips and Big Love (HBO series) on Monday nights. Yep, big time at the beach tonight.