Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Travelers

Barb, Katy and I made it to Charlotte just fine. With this shoulder issue I was strictly ornamental and not any help with the luggage. You haven't lived until you travel with a ice filled, drippy zip lock bag on your shoulder. Nobody wanted to sit by me or my soggy shoulder. Polly, Tony and all four kids met Barb and I for lunch at the Marriott. It was so good to see everybody but I wish I had felt better. Matthew is so big! He talks just like Polly did at that age and his face is so expressive. What a doll baby. Tory is all grown up and going into the 8th grade this year and Sarah is still my baby girl. Katy is delightful and a real pleasure to be around...think I will keep her. The flight from Chicago to Charlotte was uneventful. It's always a good flight when takeoffs and landings come out equal. Barb, Katy and I hadn't eaten dinner yet so we ordered pizza and I don't think there was a scrap left. Katy is going with Eddie tomorrow morning to help with bible school and Barb & I will keep the home fires burning. Time to see if this shoulder will let me go to sleep.