Friday, June 22, 2007

Blue Skies and Sunshine

Today was a much better day. Ann & Jim left for Vegas about 9 this morning. They are such nice people and I always enjoy visiting with them. Barb took me to physical therapy this afternoon and I feel so much better. Still can't sleep in a bed but am doing fine in a recliner. I also changed my appointment with Dr. Lorch to Monday at 11 so hopefully we can get home by Monday evening. Barb made a wonderful dinner for everyone this evening. Princess chicken and rice, fresh broccoli with cheese and glazed carrots. She also made rice pudding. My mother always made rice pudding when I was sick so I am now officially spoiled. Mike took Katy, Avery and Cameron to Carrowinds and the water park today. They had a ball and were pretty tired when they got home. Everyone sort of piled on the couch and watched a Hannah Montana marathon. This medication makes me so loopy I feel like I'm in a fog but at least the pain is gone. The physical therapist asked me how I was doing driving. Driving, yeah's all I can do to get from room to room and not run into a wall. Think the driving can wait a few days.