Saturday, April 12, 2008

Warm and gooey PB & J

Don't know what it is about PB & J but when the world around me is not behaving as I think it should a PB & J on toast can be a marvelous attitude adjuster. It can't be just ANY peanut butter...oh no, it has to be PETER PAN PEANUT BUTTER and it has to be smooth, not crunchy. I'm not as fussy about my jelly but my favorite is Dickinson's seedless black raspberry or sometimes the strawberry...don't want my J too sweet as it would outshine the PB and that will not do. Dickinson's has just the right combination of tart and sweet, perfect. Ever tried your PB & J on toast? Oooooh, if you haven't then get up right now and get out your toaster. The warm toast makes the peanut butter all gooey and yummy. Sooo, I'm sitting here eating my favorite PB & J sandwich when ole MortMan jumps up on my lap and shows mild interest in my sandwich. I'm bored, I need entertainment soooo....I put a dab of peanut butter on each of his front feet. Why didn't I do this months ago! OH MY GOSH...I could sell tickets! Morty with peanut butter on his feet is waaay more entertaining than Dancing With The Stars!

P.S. Hmmm, OK....very funny, very entertaining but I have to go now and figure out how to get peanut butter off of my new lamp shade, comforter and carpet. Yeah...brilliant idea, I simply MUST do that again real soon.


Eddie Carter said...

I was kinda wondering about that!

ga.farmgirl said...

Oh yes, peanut butter and jelly on toast. I haven't had that in ages. It does make me want to go get the toaster out just thinking about it.