Friday, April 11, 2008


Anybody have Betty White or Tippi Hedron's phone number? I know Jerry Lewis is the TV telethoner of all time but he doesn't strike me as an animal lover and I figure I will have better luck with Tippi or Betty. Ginglebelle has been sneezing this past week and she finally convinced me that she really is sick. I took her to the vet and after blood work, x'rays, 2 IV's, oral antibiotics and 3 injections (that I am to give her at home) her vet bill was uncomfortably close to $800.00. GULP....that's almost two tanks of gas. OK, just kidding about the price of gas but that doesn't mean I'm laughing. Not only did Ginglebelle get to go to the vet but I had to come home and bring Morty in so he could get a shot because Ginglebelle is contagious. Personally, I suspect the vet has a boat payment due or perhaps she is counting on Ginglebelle to finance her families trip to Spain. In spite of all evidence to the contrary Morty does have a kind side. Yeah, yeah, yeah....I know and you will have to take my word as I have no visual proof. The vet told me to make Gingles a bed close to her food, water and litter box so when we finally got home I fixed her a pallet close to all of her kitty necessities and she instantly went to sleep. Don't feel bad, I thought the same thing but when I held a mirror under her nose it fogged so she really was just sleeping. Ole Mortman curled up next to Gingles and he fell asleep too . They were so cute all curled up together and he even put his little paw on her arm, if cats had arms. Of course when he woke up an hour or so later he used her as a short cut to to get to the food dish but at least we are making progress.


Eddie Carter said...

poor kitties - I am sorry that your "free" cat has not been feeling well.