Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fun Times

Rod (my starter husband) and his good buddy Jim loved old cars and in April of 1970 they bought a 1930 something Ford Coupe that was hardly more than a chassis. OH, it had an engine but most of the engine was in multiple greasy boxes that were sitting where a seat should have been so of course they towed their prize to our house and put it in the barn where they planned to restore it to it's former glory. After many many nights and weekends they finally had the engine back to "sorta" running and were dying to get this thing out on the road. There were lots of problems with that plan but one of the main issues was that the car did not yet have a usable gas tank. Soooo, these two geniuses filled a gallon jug with gasoline and ran a plastic tube from the jug to the engine. We lived way out in the country and they really had waited longer than I ever dreamed they would wait before they just HAD to try it our on our road. Jim won the coin toss and got to drive so that meant Rod was sitting in a folding lawn chair with a jug of gasoline in his lap. Now...when I say we lived in the country I mean COUNTRY. You had to drive on two gravel roads to even get to the dirt road where we lived. I can only imagine how surprised the boys were to see flashing blue lights come up behind them and they immediately pulled to the side of the road. The state trooper circled the car three times taking note of no license plate, no windshield, no doors, no windows and of course the folding lawn chairs. The state trooper shook his head, checked out the lawn chairs, gasoline jug, plastic tubing and said, "Boys...I don't have enough paper in this book to even begin covering every law you have broken. How about you take this thing back to the barn and we just pretend we never saw each other." Ah yes, the good ole days.


Eddie Carter said...

Gee, I don't know why this relationship didn't work?!

Anonymous said...

That is so funny! What is even funnier, it sounds like something my husband would have done. He had a 1932 Ford Coupe when we first got married, 1975.
He also had a 1955 chevy that the first time we went out, he floorboard the gas pedal and my seat wasn't bolted down. I was laying down flat with my feet sticking in the air. I am still with that wild man! What can I say? I like excitement.