Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ever give a cat a shot?

I'm not talking about Tequila and a lime wedge I'm talking about an injection. I figure if you are giving your cats shots of Tequila you aren't the type of person who would be even mildly interested in anything I have to say and probably stopped reading when you figured out I wasn't talking about liquor. The first time I gave Gingles her shot we did just fine as I had the element of surprise on my side. The second day, ummm.....not so much. She is feeling better and is more alert which means when she saw that syringe all hell broke loose. For a cat who was near death two days ago let me tell you what, that old girl can flat out move. I pulled her out from behind the couch, chased her down the hall and seriously considered throwing that syringe like a South American poison dart. Mission accomplished but I sure hope PETA wasn't watching.


ga.farmgirl said...

Now, someone should have been video taping this. You and Gingles may have made it on funny videos.LoL...
I can imagine next time Gingles will really be alert to the shot and the Tequila and lime wedge may come in handy one way or another. On second thought, maybe no video will be a good video.
Go Gingles Go...I am glad she is feeling better.