Saturday, April 19, 2008

How DOES the man do it???

Dave worked at GM for 10 years before joining IBM and he never lost his love for all things powered by an engine. In the early 90's our family even had a hovercraft that we used on our lake, the Wabash River and an occasional parade. Our State Farm agent told me that we qualified for the fleet rate and I don't think he was kidding. Dave and I each had a car and each of the three kids had their own car even though Polly would disagree on that one because according to Polly hers was a death trap and in my defense...I did not say they were GOOD cars. Dave also had a MGB convertible and a motorcycle. So for several years we had six cars, a motorcycle and a hovercraft. Geesh....I bet State Farm misses Dave more than I do! We were married for almost 30 years before Dave passed away in 2002 and during all that time his subscription to Motor Trend never expired. Not only did it not expire he never threw one single copy away and those magazines were everywhere. They were in the bathroom (yeah right, like you don't keep a magazine or two in the bathroom), stacked on the family room coffee table, beside his chair, on the breakfast bar, his nightstand and there were boxes of them in the garage. For some weird cosmic reason Motor Trend continues to arrive every month but what I really want to know is how the heck is he mailing out that little postcard to renew his subscription??


Razor Family Farms said...

My husband is hooked on Grit Magazine (I am too -- but don't tell him!). He has saved EVERY issue since the first one which he purchased at Sea-Tac (airport) on his way to Iraq. We have a stack of them that you would not believe... maybe you would!

Love the site!


Cherrye - My Bella Vita said...

Hmmm...I wonder!