Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Polly!

My baby girl is 38 years old. Oh wait, I forgot she decided to stick at 29 again this year. Of course that means instead of being one year older than her baby sister, Eddie, Polly is now eight years younger. Eddie is beginning to get a little ticked but we decided Polly Land must be a very happy place and we would LOVE to visit there someday. Polly weighed 10 pounds when she was born and had these darling little fat wrinkles on her wrists and thighs that had to be cleaned with a Q-tip. She was bald but had these six inch strands of hair beginning right at her ear lobe which made her resemble a blue eyed, blond Hasidic Jew. My mother was so excited that we had a little girl to play dress up and have tea parties with that she just couldn't help herself and bought a very frilly, rufflled (and probably itchy) dress for Polly to wear home from the hospital but unfortunately Mom bought the Newborn size. Well, Pol wore the dress but the top two buttons were not able to be buttoned and the sleeves were so tight her chubby little arms looked like sausages. Polly Ann completely stole my heart at 2:37 PM on April 15, 1970 and even though she has passed her fat wrinkles to me...she still has my heart.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Polly!
My Oldest son just turned 32 last friday and I promised him not to put it on my site. Sooo, I am putting it here instead.
And poor you. 10 pounds!
They certainly grow up fast, don't they? I still think I should be 32.
Maybe that will be a good age to stick to.