Monday, April 14, 2008

The difference between boys and girls.

Oh don't get all panicky and nervous, I'm not talking about THOSE differences. Montana Granddaughter Sarah is in the 5th grade and her class has been studying European countries. On Friday each child brought a food item from a European country and costumes were optional but encouraged. Costumes? Did somebody mention costumes?? Heck yes Sarah wanted a costume! She choose Germany for her country and Polly found a square dancing skirt (I don't even want to know where), a crinoline, white tights and a puffy sleeved blouse that laced up the front with ribbon. Polly also had enough of the matching ribbon to braid into Sarah's hair and Sarah looked even more adorable than usual. Polly and Sarah spent DAYS getting ready for Friday and after much discussion Sarah finally decided she wanted to make a German pork loin with potatoes and sauerkraut. Thursday night Polly was on the way to the store to buy the pork loin and since her friend, Janelle, has a son in that same class Polly called to see if Janelle needed anything at the store. This is their phone conversation:

Janelle: Hello
Polly: Hey Janelle, I'm on my way to the store do you need for me to pickup anything for you?
Janelle: but thanks for asking.
Polly: Oh OK, I'm on my way to get sauerkraut and a pork loin for Sarah to take to school tomorrow and thought you might need something.
Janelle: Pork loin??? Are you kidding me? For tomorrow? For European day?
Polly: Uhhhh....yes, why?
Janelle: Well...Conner came home from school today and said, "Mom I'm wearing shorts tomorrow and I need a package of swiss cheese.

We are guessing that Conner has chosen Switzerland for his country.

That my friends is the difference between boys and girls.