Thursday, April 10, 2008

PediEgg Update

Let me tell you what ladies and gentlemen...the 8th wonder of the world is now available at your local department or drug store. If you read my first entry about the PediEgg you will remember I not only took all of the old skin off of my feet but I also managed to remove new skin and I think I saw bone on my left foot. After that educational experience I have learned to use the PediEgg properly (moderation is the key) and I plan to never ever be without one again! In fact I may buy extras. One to keep in the car and maybe one for my desk drawer. What? Grooming your feet at work is wrong? Well....maybe where you work it's wrong but at my place of employment it would considered high class. You have to remember that our company motto is "NOT ONLY IS SEXUAL HARASSMENT TOLERATED IT IS ENCOURAGED". So with all that sexual harassment going on I really don't think anybody would find a little "foot filin' offensive.


Mel said...

I keep wanting to buy one of these....I saw it at Walgreens just the other day....But I have been skeptical. Moderation, huh?? I'm not sure I have the will power. :)

shelia said...

I bought one from wal mart and it does wonders for the feet. The key is moderation.