Saturday, April 5, 2008

Debi & The Ferry

Does that title just sound like the sweetest story EVER??? Well, if you are looking for a sweet story I suggest you move on down the line because the only thing sweet about this story is the homemade cheesecake that enters the picture a bit further down the page. Funny yes, sweet no. Let's start at the beginning. Debi, Princess and I were having lunch before taking Debi to catch the 12:30 ferry back to THE REAL WORLD. Debi and I ordered our lunch but of course Princess had a SPECIAL order which means Debi and I had finished before Princess's lunch even arrived. I looked at the time and said, "If we leave right now, Debi can still catch the 12:30 ferry." Just as those words were out of my mouth Princess's freshly prepared by angels hands lunch arrived. I suggested that I take Debi to the ferry and then come back to get Princess but Princess was having no part of that plan. It seems Princess is not comfortable eating alone and proceeded to dispatch us (her semi-loyal servants) to buy her a newspaper (so she would have something to do), refresh her soft drink and oh yes...more napkins. Debi and I finish our chores and go tearing out of the parking lot (yes, I had my drivers license in my pocket) to the ferry. We arrive at the ferry landing and the lady at the ticket window says oh yes, we are in plenty of time for the next ferry and when we admire the cheesecake she is eating she went to the back and brought us each a piece homemade cheesecake topped with fresh strawberries. nice is THAT! We are both stuffed to the gills and as good as the cheesecake looks there is no way we can eat it now and the idea of juggling luggage and a plate of cheesecake on the ferry is less than appealing so Debi suggested I take her cheesecake back for Princess. It's now 12:20, the ferry leaves at 12:30 and we both figure Princess has been alone about as long as she can tolerate so I gave Debi a hug and headed back to attend to Princess. About halfway back to retrieve Princess the sky opens up and it begins to thunder, lightning and pour buckets of rain for the next three hours. Princess and I go back to the house, get our books, afghans and prepare to read and nap the rest of the rainy afternoon. About 4pm Princess and I woke up and while still all warm & cozy with our afghans across our laps we flipped on Oprah and took our first bite of the BEST cheesecake ever tasted by mankind. It was right about then that my cell phone rang. It was Debi. She had just gotten to her car. She was also cold, soaking wet and more than a little pissy. Hmmm, if the ferry left at 12:30, Debi should have been in her car no later than 1:10 and back in Myrtle Beach by 2:30. seems there is no 12:30 ferry this time of year nor is there a 1:30 or 2:30 but there is one at 3:30! You are probably asking yourself why Debi didn't call us on my cell phone while she was waiting for three hours in the pouring down rain. There is a very good reason for that as her cell phone died that morning in the middle of making a call to check on lunch selections for Princess and Debi had left her charger in the car. She could have used the phone in the nice cheesecake sharing ferry lady's booth to call us on the house phone except she didn't remember the address of where we were staying or the name of the people who own the house. Debi did ask the nice cheesecake sharing ferry lady why the 12:30, 1:30 and 2:30 departures were still showing on the schedule when clearly no ferries were in sight. The nice cheesecake sharing ferry lady smiled real big and said, "Well, EVERYBODY knows this time of year we don't go by that schedule."

P.S. Princess said the cheesecake was excellent. Love ya Deb!


Chris said...

That was one of the BEST cheesecakes I have ever had! Thanks Debi. Lesson to all...we rely to much on automation!