Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fleeing From Justice

Well, we didn't EXACTLY flee as it's not easy to flee from the scene of a crime in a golf cart plus there wasn't really a crime. After breakfast Princess and I were out tooling around in the golf cart (Bald Head Island doesn't allow cars) and I might add we were minding our own business and for once we truly were not bothering anybody. Anyway, just as we came up to the ONLY major intersection on the entire island we saw a road block, of sorts. There were 2 golf carts, with flashing blue lights blocking the intersection. WOW! There were probably a total of 47 people on the entire island and we were going to get to watch somebody get taken DOWN! Not quite. The very polite policeman (who appeared to be all of 12, with a concave chest, little round shoulders and trying very very hard to grow a moustache...we could have snapped him like a pretzel) asked to see my drivers license. OH GREAT, when we left the house I had jammed enough cash for breakfast in my pocket but didn't pick up my drivers license. In a high quivering voice the very polite policeman reminded me that it was North Carolina law for the operators of golf carts to be a minimum of 16 years old and to have a drivers license in their possession. Princess and I are both trying very hard to keep a straight face because good Lord, who gets stopped by a made by Fisher-Price policeman on a deserted island.....uhhhh, us. So at that point Princess piped up and said, "Wow....good thing you had that 16th birthday yesterday." 16th birthday was in 1966 and I am thinking this is it, 12 years old or not our butts are on the way to jail and every shred of any dignity I ever had was gone. Fortunately the 12 year old policeman had a sense of humor and after one glance he KNEW my 16th birthday had been at least 35 years before he was born. We think he also figured out that he wanted NOTHING to do with us and in fact he seemed very happy to see us drive away. Imagine that.