Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Wedding

It's OVER! Trying to get 9 people ready for a wedding is a real challenge and enough to make Mother Theresa say a bad word, and I do mean a real BAD word. All four Montana kids were in the wedding so while I pressed three floor length dresses on a countertop (don't ask) Polly curled hair and did makeup. Tory hadn't eaten anything other than crackers and part of a sliced apple but her fever was gone and after her shower she decided she would at least try to make it through the pictures. The poor thing was so pale that I swear if she stood in the sun, you could see right through her. Polly told Tory if she couldn't do the ceremony that was fine and she would bring her back to Mamaws after the pictures. Matthew was the ring bearer and all during rehearsal he made it very clear that he was NOT happy to be a ring bearer. First he very nicely suggested they find another little boy and then he said he didn't know why Jason (the groom) didn't just put that ring in his own pocket. Tony "won" the opportunity to get Matthew into his tux and of course that chore was put off until the last possible moment. Trying to keep a 4 year old boy clean is not an easy task and we weren't taking any chances. Tony was buttoning Matthew's collar and putting on his tie when in a very resigned voice Matthew said, "Oh man...this thing is going to choke me to death." Typical man. Tory made it through pictures just fine and decided she could do the ceremony too. The tough part of the ceremony for her was the standing for 30 minutes and a couple of times we thought she was going down but she made it just fine. There were 36 people in the wedding party and of course Tory, Katy and Sarah did beautifully but the shocker was Matthew not only walked down the aisle but he also waved and spoke to everyone he knew on his way down to the alter. Avery and I were sitting on the aisle and as he got closer I was thinking ohhhhh, this was not a good idea as I could just see Matthew stopping and sitting with us instead of going on down to the alter. I needn't have worried as he not only waved as he went by but he also stage whispered, "Hi Grandma...I'm doing it!" And he did! Whoever tied the rings to the pillow did an excellent job and the Best Man could not get them untied. Matthew proceeded to tell him that he needed a knife to cut them off but he didn't have a pocket knife anymore because he cut both "fumbs" and his Mother took it away. Apparently the minister hadn't cut his "fumbs" and his mother let him keep his knife because that is what they used to cut the rings off of the pillow. The reception was held at the country club and was lovely. Polly and I helped serve cake and after the bride and groom departed under a blaze of sparklers we came back to Mamaw's and collapsed. Sarah came back to the motel with Avery and I and they are watching Hannah Montana while I am struggling to keep my eyes open. Oh my goodness, we had so much fun and am I ever glad this day is over.