Friday, February 15, 2008

Myrtle Beach Marathon

God really had a great plan when he designed us to forget painful memories like childbirth and marathons. Did I run in the marathon? Are you new? Heck no, but we are the ending point for the Family Fun Run which had about 2,000 runners/walkers this year. A good portion of those folks also have a stroller...did you know a stroller being pushed by a 200 lb man is capable of knocking three 5th graders down in one sweep? Yep, sure can and the 5th graders popped back up like nothing happened but if that had been me I would have been in traction. The father pushing the stroller was throughly chastised by his wife and I also heard she took control of the stroller along with his dangly parts. As the runners finish the Family Fun Run they all come back to eat and this year Chick Filet donated the food AND the labor! OH MY GOSH....everybody in our food and beverage department thought we had died and gone to heaven so thank you, thank you, thank you Chick Filet!