Sunday, February 24, 2008

Home again.

Sarah and Avery had so much fun last night. They talked and giggled for hours past Avery's bedtime but I didn't have the heart to insist they go to sleep. Oh yeah, like I have that kind of power. We had breakfast at The Waffle House (yes again) and I think Avery ate them out of bacon AND sausage. After breakfast we headed to Mamaw's to meet up with the rest of the family for one last visit. We just missed Tony and Tory as they had gotten last minute tickets to see Duke play Virginia and I can't wait to talk to Tory and hear about the game. Katy, Polly and Mamaw were still in church clothes and looked like they were trying to get up the energy to go change. Yep...all this running around finally caught up with us. Sarah and Avery went outside to pick more onions and visit Fat Back while Matthew and I read a book. Polly, Mamaw and I visited for awhile and then it was time for Avery and I to hit the road. Neither one of us were ready to leave but it was time to go to Pinehurst to meet Avery's Mom and Dad at Nana and Poppy's house. I feel like I've been in, around or right down Main Street of every little town in NC and most of SC. Cameron at least acted "semi-happy" to see his sister but I'm willing to bet that didn't last long. When we left Charlotte I had a clean, well rested, freshly shampooed, beautifully dressed little girl in the car. However, when I returned her to her parents she was definitely grubby, tired and crabby. Yep...time to go home and now I'm going to bed and am very much looking forward to sleeping in MY bed without somebodies feet planted in my kidneys.