Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hi! My name is Jan and I am a scoocher.

The things you do when you live by yourself. OK, I've already shared the story of my BARGAIN dining room table that is costing me a small fortune. Well, you will love this part. The new table has been shipped and I do have a taker for the old table but I really needed to get the old table moved so I can clean the carpet and put the NEW RUG down that I didn't really want because I liked the old rug just fine but the old rug is the wrong shape for the new table. Pant..Pant..Pant, got that? Sooooo...I carefully shoved the old table down by the couch (to give me a straight shot at the hall and den) and cleaned the glass. I don't know why I cleaned the glass, guess it's a female thing, because you know by the time I get the glass off and moved it won't be clean. Doesn't matter...I am cleaning the glass first. Harrumph. OK, the glass is now clean and I carefully begin scooching (what do you mean that's not a real word??) the glass toward the edge of the table so I can carefully slide it down to the floor and then scooch it to the den. Here we go. Scooch, slide, scooch, slide, scooch, slide...oh crap, OH crap...OH CRAP! Well, the glass was much heaver than I anticipated and the next thing I know I am on the couch UNDER the 36 in by 60 in, 3/4 in thick piece of glass. I am no genius but I KNOW this is not good. I spent a full minute pondering my predicament and eyeing the phone ACROSS THE ROOM. Once a schoocher always a schoocher...sooooo, I carefully scooched down the couch and crawled out from under my glass prison. I then placed an old comforter under the bottom edge of the glass top and successfully schooched it down the hall to the den. I did it! Whooooo hoooooo!