Friday, February 22, 2008

On The Road!

Avery and I made it to Benson in record time in spite of eating our way from Charlotte to Lillington. There was also one very interesting bathroom stop that required copious amounts of Purell and possibly a lobotomy to erase the trauma. We decided to stop at Mamaw's house and visit with everyone before checking into our motel especially since our motel is the only one in town and we were in no big rush. Katy, Sarah and Matthew were very excited to see us and Tory managed to raise her head off the pillow to give us a little wave but looked like she was near death. Polly said Tory had been sleeping all day and saying she didn't feel well but Pol is 99.9% convinced that Tory has a major case of pre-wedding I don't want to wear that dress and walk down the aisle in front of all those people virus. Polly, Mamaw and I visited all afternoon while the kids (except Sarah Bernheart) played outside with Fat Back. In case you hadn't figured this out yet Fat Back is a baby pot bellied pig. About 5 PM Avery and I went to check into our motel and let's just say we were underwhelmed. The first thing we noticed was half of the motel sign was missing and the remaining part of the sign had bullet holes. There is a Mexican Restaurant connected to the motel so the lobby had a very pungent aroma and we were anxious to get out of there. In hindsight we would have been better off in the lobby as our room was a potpouri of Mexican food and feet. We walked in the room, Avery looked around and said, "Grandma, I liked it better at Mamaw's." Me too Avery, me too. Rehearsal went very well UNTIL Tory bolted from the alter toward the bathroom and in her defense, she came thiiiis close to getting to the bathroom in time. Thank you Aunt Lisa and Dad for cleaning the carpet and didn't really like those shoes anyway.

PS: Tory said, "I TOLD you I was sick." OK...we are convinced.