Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I really need supervision.

There is not one room in this place that does not have a stack of SOMETHING that needs attention and some rooms have more than one stack. My bedroom has clothes that need to be moved to another closet AND tax "stuff". The living room has the new table base and top, the guest room has stacks and stacks of "stuff" that needs to be boxed before going to Polly and Eddie. The den has the old dining room table with the "killer" glass top, the kitchen counter has Aunt June's mail and tax "stuff". I guess the bathrooms don't have stacks but the day isn't over yet either. When I got home from work I walked in the door and spun around like a top trying to figure out where to start and it's not like I didn't have a variety of projects to choose from! OK..my friends, I'm going to go get the legs on that new table and get rid of at least one box tonight!