Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wanted: ONE MAN

OH....don't get the wrong idea, but I am tired of moving all this furniture by myself. It's not that I can't but it's just much easier if you have someone else on the other end of that bookcase. If I had to, I really think I could move a baby grand piano all by myself. I have discovered that if you lay on your back (again, don't get the wrong idea), brace your hands behind you on the wall and shove with your feet...honey, you can move anything! Two years ago I bought the prettiest piece of furniture I have ever owned. It was featured at the Badcock Furniture show at the convention center and I managed to buy it at a fraction of the actual cost when the show ended. Of course I had to arrange pickup and problem, I called TommyB. TommyB looked at it, said a bad word and called Sid. Well, Debi and I knew they wouldn't do it right so of course we supervised. I thought I knew right where it should go and that is where they put it but I quickly realized it needed to go on the opposite wall. I don't want to say this sucker is heavy but....when I turned around to ask my FRIENDS if they thought it would look better on the other wall, they HAD LEFT, GONE, ABANDONED ME. No problem, I used the old hands against the wall and shoved with my feet and did it all by there. I also rehung the mirror but that's another story and unfortunately the mirror actually looked like I had hung it with my feet.