Saturday, February 9, 2008

It seemed like a good idea.

The party last night was a big success however, I do believe they drank Myrtle Beach dry. Not obnoxious drinkers but BIG drinkers. TommyB went home early so I plan to work Sunday and that way we will each have a whole day off. Wow, imagine that...A WHOLE DAY! We had a small group for this evening and I really really did plan to be there but I was making progress getting everything put back together and handed tonight off to TommyB as a solo act. However, I had forgotten that a bride had called about coming in to see our space this weekend. my defense, when I asked her what day she didn't know so I didn't put it on the calendar. Wouldn't you know she came in today instead of tomorrow. TommyB had to be thrilled but I haven't heard from him...heck, I may never hear from him! He LOVES brides and especially mothers of the bride. What do you want to bet our regular Sunday evening oysters will be on me tomorrow night?