Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wanna shot?

Twelve of us had dinner out tonight and had the misfortune of being assigned the waitress from hell. This woman did not want to be at work, does not like waitressing, DEFINITELY did not like us and made no effort to conceal her dislike for any of the afore mentioned. I don't get it...we are delightful! Four of us (well, not me as I am ALWAYS politically correct) ordered veal and 15 minutes after the order was placed she slammed the menus back on the table and loudly announced, "There ain't no more veal, order sumpin' else." She then marched off to presumably continue torturing puppies, kittens and small children and didn't return for at least another 15 minutes for the new choices. For those of you who are math challanged we are now up to 30 minutes without our order going to the kitchen. Several of us had not eaten all day and were ready to knaw on the tablecloth or possibly each other. We would have had more of their homemade cheese, crackers or bread but after three requests we finally figured out that refills were not coming. We had bread but no butter and cheese but no crackers, lovely. When dinner finally arrived it was wonderful, of course by that time they could have put steak sauce on an old sweat sock and we would have been thrilled. After dinner we came back to my place and discovered we cannot drink and discuss politics. Sid (or as his friends like to call him,"Wanna Shot") is recovering nicely from his stroke but I am still in shock over Chris's choice. GOOD GOD WOMAN...have you lost your ever lovin' mind???