Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dr. Scholl lied to me!

For years I have used that little pumice stone Dr. Scholl sells at the drug store and thought that was easiest way to remove rough skin on my feet. Well....pahuuuuh! My laziness has finally paid off as I have found something that works MUCH better! You all know I spent November and part of December painting, patching, sanding and papering the rental condo. For some reason the two sanding blocks (they almost look like a dish sponge) ended up in the bedroom next to my recliner. I know, I know...I can't explain it either. Anyway...I was enjoying my recliner and thinking how desperately I am in need of a pedicure and manicure. When I reached for my Diet Cherry Coke I noticed the sanding block beside my chair. Hmmm, soooo I picked up the medium grade block, made a few swipes and honey...my foot was pristine! Then I got fancy and after a good once over with the medium grade sandpaper I finished my feet off with the fine grade and my feet almost sparkle! One word of caution...if you use too much pressure, I promise it will only happen once. Holy moly, I think I saw bone.