Saturday, June 28, 2008

Loaves and Fishes

It was a beautiful morning so Sarah and I talked TommyB into going with us to the beach and while grandma spent a couple of hours in her chair playing lifeguard while the two "kids" looked for sharks teeth and rode boogie boards. TommyB found several sharks teeth for Sarah to take home but Sarah and I decided the only way we would ever find one would be if the tooth were large enough to trip over. Maybe our forte is diamond hunting. After much needed showers we boiled shrimp and played Password until time to go work. The plan was (notice the WAS) to leave work around 7 PM, make a return trip to the Mirror Maze and top the evening off with a walk on the beach and collect more shells. Yeah, right. This group showed up with 25 more people than they gave a final count for sooooo from that point forward controlled chaos was the theme of the evening. Poor Sarah was put to work counting people, seating people, rolling silverware and listening to grandma gripe. We were finally able to walk out the door at 10 PM and decided we really really needed some dinner before bed. Well...paha! There was a bad accident on the entrance ramp to Hwy 17 and we sat in traffic for almost 45 minutes. We finally inched our way into California Dreaming's parking lot at 10:45 PM (they close at 11 so you know they were thrilled to see us) and begged to be fed. Ah yes, it was a night of fine cuisine as Sarah dined on a hot dog and french fries while I had the house salad which comes with one of their to die for homemade croissant rolls. I gave Sarah my roll and she decided they were so good we really really needed to bring two home for breakfast. Not exactly what we had planned for Sarah's last night in Myrtle Beach but guess what...we had fun anyway.


Anonymous said...

I imagine Sarah will remember her time with grandma, always.
I bet she isn't ready to leave just yet, too!
Sounds like a great visit.
Now, I could use a vacation at the beach,
Have a great week, Jan.

Jan said...

Pam...come on down anytime you like. You will be bringing a blackberry cobbler, right??

Missy said...

Sometimes the unplanned parts still turn out to be great. I'm really wanting one of those rolls now!