Thursday, June 26, 2008

Beach Renourishment

I would like to offer a public apology to citizens of the great state of South Carolina concerning the sudden desperate need for beach renourishment. The good news is the sand isn't really missing and can be retrieved from the floorboard of my car, entry hall and bathroom floors. While we are on the subject of beach renourishment I need to vent. I don't understand why we allow building houses, condos or hotels right smack dab on the beach. We can continue hauling sand till the cows come home but guess good storm and you are right back where you started except a lot poorer and Mother Nature wins every single time. We lived oceanfront for several years and while I appreciated the rest of the state contributing to the care and upkeep of my back yard I still thought it was a total waste of tax money as the shoreline is constantly changing. Bet you can guess how popular I was with the neighbors. Ya'll have a great day, Miss Sarah and I are going to the beach and then (drum roll please) out for LOBSTER and CRAB LEGS!


Tipper said...

Lobster? Crablegs? Wish I could come! Have fun.

Bri said...

Um, I don't like sea bugs, thanks. ;) But the sand...that one has me jealous. Are you going to the People's Party? It's thursday night in the westin and hosted by The Bloggess, Velveteen Mind and Oh The Joys...more free drinks, yay! Oh, and the sandals, you will pry from my feet over my dead body! Or you could just buy some from your local Forever 21. ;) (only $7.50!)

Jan said...

tipper...oh yeah, they were wonderful especially when you don't have to cook them yourself!

bri..sea bugs, girl you don't know what you are missing! yes I will be at the peoples party and I hope to meet you there. Forever 21, yeah right. They would laugh their butts off if I even walked in the store as that ship sailed several decades ago but I still LOVE your shoes! See ya in SFO!