Wednesday, March 26, 2008

There is no cure for stupid.

Not only is there no cure I think there should be a law requiring all stupid people to carry a sign. The sign would make life so much easier for the rest of us because we would know what to expect and not be surprised when we see some ying yang dilly dallying along at 45 mph in the left lane and if General Motors would design a car with a 25 foot rubber bumper I would be their first customer. I'm running late for work this morning (if you listen closely you can hear TommyB in the background saying, "Well...yeah, what else is new.") but it's not a problem because I'm making gooood time baby! I'm zipping right down ole Hwy 17 with the sun roof open, radio crankin' out the ABBA tunes, hittin' all the green lights and then it happened. I put on my left turn signal to change lanes (turn signal? I know, what can I say...I'm a rebel) and there it was...a light blue 1994 Lincoln Continental. The speed limit (limit schmlimit) along that stretch is 60 mph so of course I was hitting about 67 mph UNTIL I pulled in behind Mr. Magoo's grandmother. Oh man, oh man....we are cruising along in the left lane at a whole 45 mph. I assume the car has a driver but all I can see are eight knuckles and a tuft of white hair. Cars are FLYING by me in the right lane but noooooo, we are still topping out at 45 mph in the left lane. OK, no problem....the hospital is at the next light and I bet my right kidney she/he will be turning there. Dang! Went right through that intersection but we are still zooming along at 45 mph in the left lane. the next light we have a BI-Lo Grocery and several doctors offices, bet she/he is going there. AH HA! Yep, there he/she goes...makes a RIGHT TURN FROM THE LEFT LANE ACROSS THREE LANES OF TRAFFIC AT 45 MPH. Yep, definitely need to order those signs.