Saturday, March 1, 2008

I'm FREE..and only semi sick!

No parties, no site visits... a totally free weekend! My sore throat and headache are gone but I'm not sure poor ole Morty can say the same. It was beautiful here today with temps in the mid 70's and sunny so I had all the windows and both sliding doors open...fresh air! With both sliding doors open Morty and Ginglebelle turned this place into a race track. Down the hall, out the living room door, across the screened porch, in the bedroom, across the bed, back to the living room, down the hall...well, you get the picture. About 7 this evening I was on the phone with a friend and noticed it was getting a bit cool in here so I closed the sliding door in my bedroon. About 30 seconds later I heard thundering paws coming through the living room and just as I realized what was about to happen I looked at the bedroom sliding door just in time to see poor ole Mort slam face first into the glass door. I didn't laugh until I picked him up and made sure he was OK. Really I didn't, I promise. Well, not much. Sure hope cats don't hold a grudge.