Sunday, March 2, 2008

I LOVE my friends!

I LOVE my friends and had to share an email I received this weekend from a good friend of mine (also a co-worker) who was out of the country on a business trip. The company we work for picks wonderful exotic locations for meetings but there always seems to be an issue of some sort and this time it was A HOLE IN THE PLANE. Granted, it wasn't a big hole but it was a hole none the less. Everyone had already checked out of the 5 star resort and unfortunately they were completely booked for the weekend. However, the desk clerk told my friends about the lovely little place directly across the street and I will let you read the rest of the story below.

Just for fun- it is 6:00 AM, I have had ninety minutes of sleep. The resort that we found last night was an "ethnic"resort. When I went to the lobby this morning, every seat and couch was full with people sleeping, making out or just doing it. The room next to mine had a ''booty party'' all night. They went to sleep around 3:30 AM so just out of spite I got my computer out (I just happened to bring my stereo speakers) and cranked up some Nickelback and pointed the speakers at the wall. The cab driver came to pick up all five of us and our luggage in a ford fiesta. We get to the airport where we have now purchased a new set of tickets and have spent three thousand dollars to do it. The ass at the counter (this entire island is full of nothing but assholes) yells at us because his flight is over booked because of us and tells us that we will probably be bumped. I'd had my fill of rude people at this point and had a word of prayer with him. I'm sure my luggage is now going to Iceland. I am having so much fun.

My friends are so entertaining I am seriously considering canceling HBO.