Sunday, March 30, 2008

Drama, drama, drama at the local Wal-Mart

After a thrill filled day of doing paperwork for SEVEN straight hours I decided that all I really needed to top off this cold, gray rainy day was a stop at the local Wal-Mart for laundry detergent. Have you tried Tide's new lavender vanilla scented detergent? Smells so good I don't know whether to dab perfume or laundry detergent behind my ears. Downy also has the lavender vanilla scented softener and honey you haven't lived until you crawl between lavender vanilla scented sheets. OK, so now you know why I was at Wal-Mart and this is what happened while I was standing in line to check out and of course there was a line...I ALREADY TOLD YOU I WAS AT WAL-MART! This really isn't funny but I actually snorted trying to keep from laughing out loud. There was a couple who appeared to be in their 70's in front of me and since I was bored and am basically a very nosey person I was listening to their conversation. They were talking about the wife's elderly mother who is a pretty hefty lady, well into her 90's and lives in the house next door to them. Apparently the mother is very capable most of the time but lately she has started to wander off once or twice a week. Fortunately they live in a small town and (so far) the neighbors have seen her out and about and brought her home. The wife mentioned taking turns with her siblings staying with their mom and there was also the possibility of a granddaughter who might be willing to move in with her and then the wife made a fatal error. She said, "Well...Harold you haven't had anything to say, what do you think?" Harold replied " I think we need to stamp the old bats name and address on her forehead and make her wear a shock collar so she will be easier to bring down." Me thinks there has been no love lost between Harold and his mother in law over the past 50 plus years.