Saturday, March 22, 2008

Only MY family, I am so proud.

Matthew turned five this week. Doesn't seem possible and I am no math wizard but if you subtract 2003 from 2008 the answer is five. Matthew's birthday request was baby chickens and that is exactly what he received, two yellow and two red chicks. Of course he also received numerous other goodies that are near and dear to a five your old boys heart but the baby chickens were the highlight. Polly's family flies by the seat of their pants and it works for them...drives Eddie and I bananas but it works for them. Well...after a very stressful few months with school, sports and work Tony reserved a beautiful house in Nevada for the family to spend a week and DO NOTHING but read, watch a movie or two, enjoy the pool and each other. chickens. Teeny, tiny, needy baby chickens. Sooooo...Polly and Tony loaded all four kids PLUS four baby chickens (along with their sun lamp, food, water, day cage AND night cage..for the chickens not the kids) into the Suburban and took off for the 12 hour drive to Nevada. The baby chickens are very good travelers unless they get cold and then they do what baby chickens do best. Well, maybe what baby chickens do second best but there was some serious peeping going on until the heat is turned on full blast. Have you ever ridden 12 hours with four kids crammed into one bench seat because the back two seating areas are like a sauna? Rumor is, it was a real fun trip. I think the entire family arrived wearing nothing but their underwear but the good news is the baby chickens arrived healthy, happy and are LOVING Nevada!


Eddie Carter said...

What me organized? I have only had our Disney trip planned for 6 months and don't say anything to the kids - it's a surprise!