Monday, March 31, 2008

Bald Head Island

Bald Head Island has to be one of my favorite places on earth. Deserted beaches, no cars and quiet, quiet quiet. The ferry ride is a just long enough to decompress from the "real world" to the "don't I wish I could afford to live like this everyday" world. Of course, as usual, our timing was not the best but hey, it's me so you can't be surprised. It was drizzly, almost dark and we didn't stop at the grocery store on our way over because we didn't want to lug groceries and luggage on the ferry and we KNEW we would have time to get to the island grocery before it closed. Well...pah ha! Took us a big longer to figure out the garage door to get the golf cart out and then Ding Dong, my buddy Chris, forgot the map and I wasn't exactly sure where we were going especially in the dark and did I mention there are no streetlights? Sooooo...there we are in the dark, noses pressed to the golf cart windshield and trying to find the grocery store. Well, between the drizzle and no street lights we finally said the heck with it and circled back to Eb & Flo's for a hot dinner and adult libations. Ah yes, good choice and now my friends I'm going to the deck to join my buddy and listen to the ocean and oh OK, maybe another adult libation or three.


Câmera Digital said...
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Chris said...

This was a delightful time. Thank you my friend Jan.