Sunday, March 16, 2008

The PediEgg

You all know how much I LOVE the AS SEEN ON TV merchandise..I mean come on folks, they have some goood stuff! Well, I was at Walgreens buying hair color (for a friend) and happened to walk by a PediEgg display. Well honey, I turned around so fast I left skid marks right there on Walgreens shiny tile floor. I had seen the PediEgg advertised on TV (DUH) and I knew it was tough enough to peel an orange so maybe there really was hope for my Fred Flintstone feet. Of course I bought one and could hardly wait to get home and give it a try. I got myself all propped up in the recliner and put my absolutely 100% guaranteed feet so smooth you will never snag another knee high again PediEgg together. The first thing I noticed was the scraper part is made of METAL. Not only is it made of metal it looks very much like a mini-cheese grater. Hmm, let me get this straight...I snap the cheese grater into the plastic handle and then I rub the metal cheese grater on my feet? What? No sulphuric acid to smooth out any remaining rough edges?? Well OK, these people are professionals and know what they are doing so here goes nothing. For those of you who are pondering the purchase of a PediEgg I have a couple of suggestions and you are probably wondering if the PediEgg actually works. Do they work? Oh yes, they work very well. However, the little instruction folder neglected to mention that if you remove every callous and piece of thick skin on your feet you are basically bedridden because your feet are too sensitive to do anything except rest on a velvet pillow while you lay in bed and watch trashy movies on Lifetime TV for the next three weeks. Like I said... I LOVE the PediEgg and please pass the remote.


Anonymous said...

so funny...really. i like reading your blog which i stumbled across because rosie odonnell loves the pediegg so i googled and you came up. who knew old people has such a great sense of humor. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with the PediEgg. Only thing like.. does that metal thing every get dull? Also! Do you know where to find refills for that black thing? That makes all the difference.