Thursday, March 20, 2008

My latest faux paus.

TommyB's family is in town and I invited everyone over for dinner this evening so I got up early and put a pot roast and potatoes in the slow cooker and made a salad. When I finally got to work I looked down at my hands on the keyboard and lo and behold I ONLY HAD NINE FINGERNAILS. Oh GREAT! Isn't that just wonderful, I have left a pastel pink fingernail in the pot roast or the salad. Now I mention it ahead of time? Naaa, what good would that do, just make everybody uncomfortable. Do I take the salad apart? Ummm, maybe....the pot roast? Uh no....not unless I manage to grow a pair of asbestos hands. Isn't this just gym dandy? Well...I have 7 people coming for dinner and one of them could very easily find a pink fingernail in their pot roast. Oh well, hope they have a sense of humor.