Thursday, July 3, 2008

Full Moon??

My goodness...what is going on in my world? Normally I enjoy my job and sometimes (oh dear God, can't believe I'm saying this) I actually look forward to going to work. Well, this past week is about to cure that feeling. Everyone is on edge, TommyB is turning purple three or four times a day instead of his normal once or twice and we are all jumping down each others throats for no real reason. Stevens pants were unzipped most of the morning and did any of us discretely let him know?? OH HECK NO....not only did we not tell him but we were secretly chuckling and wondering what his reaction would be when he finally discovered that while he was trying to carry on a serious conversation Mr. Winky was ALMOST out the door. That is mean...just plain mean....and we didn't care! The whole week has been like this and I think it's probably a good thing most of the office will be out for a long weekend or it could turn really ugly back in the admin area.