Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Meat, meat and MORE meat.

If you looked in my freezer this evening you would think I am expecting to feed a family of 12 three times a day for at least a month. What can I say, I am tired of eating out (hurry up and come home Rosemary) so I stopped at Costco on the way home and stocked up. Rosemary is TommyB's mother and I have been known to drop in around 6 PM on occasion. Oh OK, maybe it's more like four or five times a week but Rosemary won't be back until October and TommyB's idea of dinner is scotch and pretzels so I figured I better get some groceries in the house. Well honey...if I had a diagram I have enough beef in the freezer to build my own cow. What is it about shopping at Sam's and Costco's that makes it impossible to buy a reasonable amount of ANYTHING? Come on, do I REALLY need three eye of round roasts AND three pork loins AND five pounds of catfish AND five pounds of pork chops AND ten pounds of hamburger?? In my defense I use the hamburger for my homemade vegetable soup or as my friends call it....barf in a bag. It really does not look very good when I pull that bag out for lunch but put a piece of cornbread with that vegetable soup and you have got yourself a lunch! So while I unpacked the meat and rewrapped it all in individual servings I was also browning the ten pounds of hamburger with five onions. The hamburger is also in the freezer in one pound bags ready to be added to the vegetable soup or spaghetti sauce and I have no excuse for not fixing dinner. Dang it, what was I thinking???


ga.farmwoman said...

I know what you mean, Jan. I keep freezing all these vegetables and thinking I have enough to feed the whole county already.
Just go ahead and cook up some of that meat and I will be up with a pile of these veggies. We could have our own little
Have a great day!

Caution Flag said...

Well, I DON'T know what you mean 'cause my freezers are empty. So on that note, what time is dinner?

Joan said...

What a fun blog! I found you looking for South Carolinians on Twitter. Enjoyed your blog!