Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Phoenix...OR where ecru was invented.

Ever been to Phoenix? It's a great place but never in my life have I seen so many shades of beige. I have a question, when all the houses in the neighborhood are the same color and do you know you are home? Do you count houses from the corner? Make one of the kids stand by the mailbox until you return? Truth be told (yeah, I know you weren't expecting that from me) not all the houses are beige. Some are ecru, some are tan and a few rebels have chosen off white but let's just say beige is the predominant color. Heck, even the people are beige. If you want to give your system a real shock spend a few blissful days in San Francisco where the daily temperature topped out at 68 degrees and then hop on a plane to Phoenix where the temperature hovers slightly above broil. The natives love to say, "Yes, it's hot but it's a dry heat." My oven is a dry heat too but I don't plan to sit in there.


Tipper said...

I've never been to AZ but I have always wondered if that "dry heat" made any difference-guess not.

almostgotit said...

I just spent a week in the dry heat of central Oregon (biome: "High Desert") and it was wonderful being in a climate where sweat actually *does* something. East Tennessee at the moment feels like swimming in a hot cup of tea.

But at least we have colors here.

I laughed at your wondering how people find their own houses. When I was a kid staying with some relatives in a similar-sounding place, I once came "home" from a bike ride and bounced into the great room -- where a family of total strangers sat, eating their dinner.