Friday, July 11, 2008


I love working in the tourism industry and sometimes feel guilty about charging people admission when in reality they are much more entertaining than anything we have to offer. An example would be a lady who was here the other night for a formal event and since I am a shoe person I always peek at shoes mostly to make sure someone doesn't have a pair that I don't already own which is very unlikely but I look anyway. A lady about my age came in all decked out and wait until I tell you about the shoes. They were acrylic slides, the heel was about 3 inches high and 3 inches around but here is the kicker. Each heel was filled with water and contained a live fish. I have GOT to get a pair of those shoes! Then we have the people who apparently have no clue that they have gained 75 pounds since high school and think they can wear low cut jeans with a little tank top. Well honey, I know for a FACT that when you have gained 75 lbs you ain't wearing nothin' little and that muffin top you got goin' on IS NOT something anybody wants to see....but the shoes with the fish, oh yeah. I'm so getting a pair of those shoes. OH....I don't plan to wear them but they would look so cool on my desk right next to my drum sticks and plastic dog doo.


Tipper said...

Shoes with fish? Lord have mercy!

ga.farmwoman said...

I agree with Tipper! What will they think of next?
Have a good weekend, Jan.