Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sleep...what's that?

Apparently my body has decided sleep is highly overrated. Sunday night I went to bed a total of four times and never did fall asleep but is my bathroom ever clean! About 3 AM I had had enough of popping in and out of bed like a high priced call girl at a Shriner convention so I cleaned my bathroom and did two loads of laundry. I also vacuumed my bedroom and dusted the furniture. I know, I was as shocked as you are. When I got home from work Monday evening I thought I would be really tired but noooooo....I went to bed about 10 PM, woke up at 2 AM and never did go back to sleep. What the heck? I don't like this one bit and sleeping used to be my hobby...well, paaahaaa guess it's not anymore. If this not sleeping thing is just one more joy of getting older then I ain't happy. Remember when you were 25 and had a new baby who was awake 28 hours a day and all you wanted to do was sleep? But noooo, social services frowns on Mom sleeping in her nice warm bed with a screaming baby in the carport. Well..duh, of course the baby would be in the carport. If he was in the house Mom wouldn't be able to sleep. Now my screaming babies have screaming babies of their own and I still can't sleep. Maybe I'm bionic.


Tipper said...

Jan, My hubby has a hard time sleeping-maybe I should tell him to clean the bathroom, dust, and do some laundry!! Hope you get some shut eye soon.

Grammysammy said...

I had the same problem until I realized that most of my favorites ;ICED TEA, Colas and yes even CHOCOLATE had caffeine. DUH. Which is more important sleep or chocolate. to me it is chocolate. I also am NOT a morning person !

Leah said...

When I can't sleep it is usually one of three things:
- I slept in that day or haven't done enough physical activity. It is not uncommon for me to go for a quick jog at 2am to expell some of that pent up energy

- I am hungry. I eat a lot and I eat often, and I find that if my stomach is not working on digesting something then I can't sleep. I know they say that you are not supposed to eat like two hours prior to going to bed but I call bull@#$% on that one!

- I am super stressed out about something and in that case the best thing to do is just to get out of bed and deal with it if you can.

Thanks for letting me pop by!
Aka one of the fiveblondes.

Judi said...


We met at the midlife session at Blogher. You should read my post from June 23rd titled Stress Me Out on my blog. I highlighted some sleeping tips from The Sleep Doctor. Not that I can say it works.

I too did not sleep well the past few nights because the drummer outside my hotel room window is playing up a storm. I should just go play the drums with him since I cannot sleep.