Saturday, May 24, 2008


I don't have anything against motorcycles...really I don't but three straight weekends of motorcycle rallies can stretch a persons patience. The past two weekends have been the Spring Harley Rally. The Harley's are noisy, they drink a lot of beer and they like to have a good time BUT 99% of the Harley owners are my age or older so they are ready to go to bed by midnight. This weekend is Atlantic Beach Bike Festival and these folks are just getting ready to party at midnight. Most of them are young (remember when we were invincible?) so they take crazy chances on the roads and a good number of them forgot to pack their clothes. You have never seen so much nekid booty on a motorcycle in your life. Apparently these girls did not have grandma's like mine. My grandma always said, "If it ain't purty then don't put it on the front porch." plan is not to go out my front door until I have to leave for work on Monday morning and yes I have to work on Monday. HELLOOOO??? I work in tourism, holidays are just another day in the week to us but at least I'm not bitter.


Tipper said...

I love your Grandmother's saying. I've never heard it put like that-but I can already hear myself saying it!

Jan said...

Tipper..don't you love the old sayings? I wish I had written down all the things my grandparents used to say, they were so funny.

ga.farmgirl said...

I remember those sayings and a whole lot more. Like, don't air your dirty laundry out for the neighbors to see. and who hangs out dirty laundry anyways. Haha.
I can imagine the motorcycle rallies are noisy. Hang in there.
P.S. I like your new profile setup. Good job!

Jan said...

Pam...I remember thinking the same thing about dirty laundry. Thank you for the nice compliment but I think Jack takes better pictures.