Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Furminator!

Holy cow, I have found an Epilady for cats! I love my kitties but I am more than a little weary of crankin' up the Dyson once a day to suck up the cat hair and this time of year...Lord a mercy, it's a full time job. I saw an ad for the Furminator and thought yeah right but I decided to invest in one and give it a try. OH GOOD less than two minutes I had a plastic bag full of hair from just Morty. Gingles will let you brush her for hours but Morty, not so much. He tolerates brushing for a few minutes and then he is DONE. This tool is incredible and I could tell they both felt so much better after being...Furminated? Is that a new word? After I had a respectable pile of cat hair I did what anybody with a sick sense of humor would do..I took pictures with my cell phone and sent them to my friends. Now that I have a Furminator I need to find the ole Flowbee and go into the haircut business. Yes...I really did have a Flowbee and YES I did cut my kids hair. Don't laugh, between the Flowbee haircuts and the plaid polyester outfits I dressed them in it's a wonder they didn't get beat up everytime they left the house.


ga.farmgirl said...

I need a Furminator for Lionel too. He has a lot of hair. I will have to try that.
I sent you an email yesterday-You WON the PeeWeeDog. Billy drew your name from the hat.
Please Email me and let me know if you want it. I wanted to announce the winners this morning.

Jan said...

You made my day Pam...I never win anything!

Tipper said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and love it! I'll be telling my mother-n-law a.k.a. cat lady about the furminator.

Jan said...

Thank you Tipper, and tell your mil the Furminator is THE BOMB! When my cat sees me pick it up she follows me around waiting for me to sit down so I will comb her and get rid of some of that hair. I have two kitties and one of them is a Munchkin...he is a real hoot. I hope your mil likes the Furminator as much as I do!

Cherrye - My Bella Vita said...

Wow. No pics of the furminator? It is a REALLY funny image in my head!