Sunday, January 25, 2009

Read the instructions first...ya big dummy.

You already know I am a huge fan of AS SEEN ON TV products. Some people collect Precious Moments, some people bake and some of us sit around with a credit card in our hand just waiting for that next exciting new ShamWow or The Pocket Fisherman. Yes, I own both of those items but they do not compare to my latest purchase, Smooth Away or as I like to call it..READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST YA BIG DUMMY OR YOUR FACE WILL LOOK LIKE A HUNK OF HAMBURGER. The instructions are very clear, the product works great but if you don't read the instructions first prepare to spend a week like I just did with your face doused in Ponds Cold Cream 24 hrs a day. The Smooth Away comes in two sizes. The larger pads are for your arms and legs and the smaller pads are for your face unless you are like me and don't read the directions but decide that since you are in a hurry you will give your face a few good swipes with the large pad and call it a day. My face looked like I live on the sun and oh my gosh...P-A-I-N. Nothing soothed the discomfort except Ponds Cold Cream and everybody at work thought I was applying to clown college. Bottom line, read the instructions, FOLLOW the instructions and you will love your Smooth Away. I should be able to blink by Thursday.


mberenis said...

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ga.farmwoman said...

Hey Jan,
I always like to do stuff wrong the first time, then read the instructions. lol...
How do you like the ShamWow?? My husband keeps wanting to order that.
Hope you can blink by Wednesday, at least.
Have a great day.

sandy said...

Jan, You really brightened up my Sunday!! I did something similer to my face a panic about turning 50! After my face recuperated I decided that to move gracefully into my 50's with an intact face would be better that what I almst did to myself!
Hope you have a great day!

Cathy M said...

I never read instructions then wonder why things don't work, maybe I should, it could be hazardous. How do you like ShamWow?

Jan said...

I love the ShamWow! My kids were swimmers and divers in high school and it reminds me of the towel they used after diving except it's even more absorbent. The Smooth Away works great too but they ain't playin' when they say follow the directions!

OK Sandy..fess up. What did you put on your face?

Caution Flag said...

I must be the one right behind you in line ordering the As Seen on TV products. They just call my name. I've got to check out the Smooth Away, but you've got me a little scared! I'll admit, though, that I got a fantastic laugh at your post. WHERE"S THE PICTURE?

Tatersmama said...

OMG...I did the same thing!!
I told everyone I had an allergy and got lots of sympathy. ;-)
I couldn't go out until the scabs healed though.
I STILL wince when I think about it!