Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Yeas Eve....Bleah!

New Year's Eve has never been my favorite holiday but I do enjoy dinner with friends, maybe a movie and then safely home before the drunks leave the bars and hit the roads. Well, isn't that a pretty picture? Rosemary, TommyB and I met good friends, Tom & Janie, for dinner at a new Italian restaurant here in town and we had a great time. The restaurant was slam packed full and our 8pm reservation didn't happen until 8:45pm but the food made the wait worthwhile. Each course was wonderful and the bread was out of this world. Of course it probably didn't hurt any that we were all starving and almost had a fistfight over one fuzzy Tic Tac I found in the bottom of my purse while we were waiting for a table. I was the designated driver but not drinking could hardly be called a sacrafice as I very seldom drink anyway. We had to laugh when the waitress brought Rosemary her scotch and soda. Oh, it was the proper mix, just the right amount of ice but it was in a wine glass as the bar was out of cocktail glasses. Anyway, it was a very pleasant evening and the only drunks we encountered were in my backseat on their way home.


Anonymous said...

When was New Year's Eve? I must have slept through the New Year arrival. lol....
I think when I see all those commercials on t.v for sleep aid, I could invite anybody that needs sleeping help, here on the farm for a few days of work. At 8P.M. you are ready for bed. Not sleeping pill needed.
The evening out with friends sounds really nice.
Who won the prize of the fuzzy Tic Tac?

Tipper said...

Sounds like fun-even if you did almost starve while waiting.

Love the new fish look!

Caution Flag said...

I'm glad you had something fun to do! And I do hope those two drunks in your backseat made it home without mishap.

Elizabeth the Gardener said...

Our favorite way to ring in the New Year is to spend it at home, eating and watching movies (double, or even triple feature!) with family and friends who either walk home or sleep over!

New Years' Day, we recently discovered, is horribly under-celebrated and thus wide-open for fun brunches. Hardly anyone ever has other plans, either, so it's a fun time to make all those great brunch foods, play board games, and relax all day long.

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