Monday, January 26, 2009

New Driver Alert

Tory has her drivers license and I really don't know how this happened. In my eyes she is still four years old and thinks I can blow on traffic lights and make them turn green. Children getting their drivers license causes so many mixed feelings for parents. First there is excitement in the possibility that MAYBE you can actually finish cooking dinner at least one night without stopping midway to pick someone up from basketball practice. Excited is quickly followed by pain and a few tears when you receive the first insurance bill. Pain and excitement are soon replaced by reality when you realize that yes, your child is growing up but if you have to remind them more than 18 times to slow down during a five mile trip perhaps they are not quite ready to drive alone or worse, with friends. Soooo...with all this being said Polly is on her way to the school gym to coach the middle school boys basketball practice and she receives a phone call from our new driver. "Mom, I have a great idea." "Hunter and I want to go to the boys soccer game and since I can drive we will wait for you here at school and I can drive us to the game." Polly explains to Tory that she really doesn't think Tory is ready to drive with anyone else in the car quite yet. Conversation over. Two minutes later the phone rings again..guess who. "Mom, I promise Hunter and I will go straight there and come straight back to the school and I will be careful." Again Polly says no but explains that she will be happy to take Tory and Hunter to the soccer game. Two minutes later, phone rings..."Mom, you know I am responsible and you trust me to babysit Matthew so I don't understand why I can't drive to the game." Once again Polly told her no and don't ask again. Two minutes later the phone rings and Tory says, "Mom, is Dad with you or is he at the office?" If you have children I am willing to bet you know where this conversation went and no, Tory didn't drive that night and I'm not sure she will be allowed to drive before 2021.


Tipper said...

Oh I've been there-just not the driving yet-oh but it is coming. My girls always think they can convince Daddy to go against Momma.

ga.farmwoman said...

Don't they grow up too fast?
I'm with Polly, lets wait until 2021, maybe that is enough time to adjust to it.
That asking Daddy after Mama said no has already started with my 6 year old granddaughter. Ugh, won't be long before she will be wanting to drive. Time flys.
Have a great day.