Sunday, November 9, 2008

I don't get it.

Would somebody please explain to me what it is about my head that seems to scream lesbian golfer to any hairdresser who cuts my hair?? Number one..I am not a golfer. Wait a minute, I guess number one should be I'm not a lesbian but I'm also not a golfer. I have gone to the $50 a cut places (it pained me but I did it) as well as the $10 chop shops and there is no difference in the end result. Every single time I come out looking like I'm on the way to a big torunament with three of my closest girl friends.


Jennifer said...

Oh baby! One of the first things my stylist said to me when I came home from Texas (looking somewhat masculine in my short 'do) was "NO MORE LESBIAN SIDEBURNS!" You need to find someone who preaches the same mantra.

ga.farmwoman said...

I had one of those haircuts not long ago. I went in a shop I'd been before but a new stylist. She was older(which means somewhere in my wise old age span) so I thought she would know what she was doing.
I told her I want about an inch trimmed off.
I should have known as she was cutting she said it had been 5 years since she had cut hair.
Then as she twirl my chair around and got out those electric clippers, I noticed... I was a nice looking guy with no hair.
Cried all the way home.

Jan, on that sitting hen. I have one sitting right now too. I've had late hatchers before and they do fine. The mama hen will keep the biddies warm.
Have a great day.

almostgotit said...

I can't have my hair too short or I look like a dandelion. Looking like a lesbian dandelion might be an improvement. But a golfer? Now that's just unforgivable.

I am as scotch as they come, but I think it's worth it spending money on a haircut you like.

And an advantage of being older is how bossy we now can be. I argue with even the most experienced hair dressers because whenever I let them break my rules, my hair is a mess. I also ask them if they cut a lot of curly hair. Bonus points if they have curly hair THEMSELVES.

Caution Flag said...

We've been to all the same stylists then? I tried to grow my hair out a couple of years ago, but the lesbian golfer look was actually better. It's kind of sad really.

tipper said...

How funny! I've missed you making me laugh. Hope all is well.

Susie said...

hahaha!!!! I have missed you too:) I had a lesbian boss, who had spiked hair. She kept trying to get me to try my hair that way. My daughter told me she was trying to "groom" me! YIKES! I like short hair, and think you can look feminine with it short as well as long. BTW, I quit my job after she began trying to tell me what clothes looked nice on me...and what didn't...maybe I have a "lesbian phobia" now? You're sure you're not, right?