Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Three of the six grandchildren (and their mothers, bummer) were here last week and I learned several things. First of all I did not know my condo was infested with bears with the emphasis on was. Matthew loves all things that seem to fascinate five year old boys like the TV show Worlds Dirtiest Jobs, bugs, power tools and hunting. Especially hunting. We had dinner at The Dixie Stampede and of course on the way out you have to exit through the gift shop which meant we HAD to buy a new gun because apparently umpteen toy guns are just not enough. I got up the next morning (translation:I stumbled from the bedroom to the kitchen) and just as I started to set my cup of coffee on the coffee table Matthew bellowed from the next room, "Grandma! Be careful...there's a dead bear on that table and I just put another one in the dining room." My fearless bear hunter stands all of 3 ft tall and was wearing teeny tiny boxer shorts, cowboy hat, boots and of course his trusty six shooters. To my credit I hardly flinched and put my coffee on the end table instead of the "dead bear repository". We had a great visit (in spite of their mothers) and I can safely say, thanks to Matthew , I am absolutely 100% positive that there is not one single bear in my condo.


Caution Flag said...

You really are so very fortunate that he came to visit. It sounds like he got there just in time.

P.S. We also have a gun from the Stampede :)

Tipper said...

I adore tiny bear hunters!

almostgotit said...

Standing right there, boldly, in his little boxer shorts and BOOTS et al, he probably SCARED those big old bears to death even before he shot 'em.

Cherrye at My Bella Vita said...

Oh that is so cute! You are lucky to be bear-free... He needs to come around more often.

ga.farmwoman said...

That will be a good excuse for Matthew to come back soon(maybe without the mother?) may have spotted another bear in the dining
Have a good day, Jan.

ga.farmwoman said...

Oh yeah Jan, you are going to love me now. I tagged you for a meme.
Only if you want to, of course.

And Matthew's Mom, you know I was kidding. I hope..
Have a great day.

Caution Flag said...

Hey Jan! I borrowed your kitchen meme today. Thanks.