Monday, September 10, 2012

Polly and Eddie don't read this

...and if you are a friend of either one of them don't mention this post but please put your arms around them, give them a big hug and say bless your heart. They will know it has something to do with their mother but I promise you they don't want the details. OK, so here latest travel faux pas. A few weeks ago I was packing for a short trip and since it is emotionally impossible for me to be separated from email or Facebook for more than about 12 minutes I made sure my Kindle Fire was in my purse. I was in a hurry (yes Anny, I DID wait until the last minute to pack) and I noticed the screen was really that a word? Smudgey? Sorry, my mind wanders. Sooo...I threw a few of the foil wrapped alcohol based electronic cleaning packets in my purse. By the way, if you don't have any of these marvelous little packets you need to get up right now and go buy at least a case. Not only do they clean your electronics but they are great for your glasses, sunglasses and phone. TommyB picked me up for our trip to the airport and I talked him into whipping through McDonald's so I could get a big ole bladder buster Diet Coke. I'm not a coffee fan but honey I can knock back a Diet Coke in a heart beat. We got to the airport in record time, made it through security without incident (rare for me) and next thing you know we are airborne. Finally the ding ding sounds meaning passengers are free to get up and use the bathroom if they so choose and believe me, I so choose. I hate airplane bathrooms but due to the bladder buster Diet Coke it was necessary to visit the facility. TMI? Oh honey, if you think that is TMI then you don't need to read any further! So I wedge myself into the minuscule space, hold my purse in my teeth, take care of business and reach into my purse for one of the little foil wrapped travel bathroom cleansing cloths. Come a sport and guess which one of these foil packets I pulled out of my purse?

Yep, the first one. Did I read the packet first? Oh heck no. Lawzamercy, as I am banging around in there frantically digging through my purse hunting for the CORRECT foil packet it had to sound like I was trapped in that teeny tiny space with a claustrophobic crazed orangutan with a hammer. I am proud to say I did not not scream but it would be a big lie to say there wasn't a tear in my eye when I finally made my way back to my seat. Not a mistake I plan to make again.


Grammy sammy said...

I can't stop laughing. After not posting for months you came up with 2 side splitting posts in the same amount of days. Telling Polly and Ellddie not to read is so unfair, They both need to know what is in their DNA and Genes so they can explain what they do in the future!

Bingo said...

So glad you didn't flinch the after dinner hand cleaners. You would still be breezing.

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