Saturday, September 15, 2012

What feather duster?

Feather Duster
Do I really have to tell you how many days the feather duster has been sitting in this chair?? FINE...five days, happy now?? FIVE DAYS but I am moving it today mainly because I cannot tell you how many times I have reached down to "pet" the feather duster thinking it is Morty because after is HIS chair. Polly and Eddie are already looking for any excuse  to drop me off at Shady Pines and I really don't need to give them any ammunition. I have a completely logical explanation about why the feather duster has been sitting in this chair for the last five days and I think it's called ADD. I dug out the feather duster to dust the ceiling fan in the living room but the glass tables looked worse so I started there but halfway through decided that was dumb because the dust from the ceiling fan would fall on the tables and I would only have to dust them again and then the doorbell rang and it was the UPS man with a new ink cartridge for my printer so I put the new ink cartridge in and printed off a letter I needed to mail so when I took the letter to the mail box I noticed the steps needed to be swept and when I put the broom away the storage closet was a mess so I straightend that up a bit and then it was lunch time. Why yes, I do believe that is probably the longest runon sentence EVER but that is exactly what happened, so shut up. Sorry Mrs. Johnson (my high school English teacher), hope this post doesn't make you twirl in your grave.


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