Saturday, January 29, 2011

I thought Moms Mabley was dead.

Surprise! Not only is Moms alive and well but she is working as a gate agent for Delta. Since I live on the East coast and four of my six grandchildren live on the West coast I spend a fair amount of time in airports. During a layover in Atlanta (doesn't matter where you are going there is always a layover in Atlanta) a little old lady who was dressed in navy blue from head to toe, including a stunning navy blue hat pulled down low over her eyes, marched toward the gate desk. The hat was pulled down so low and tight a series of little springy curls had escaped and were hanging on for dear life. At first glance my fellow passengers and I assumed Moms must be in need of assistance but noooo...she moved behind the desk and picked up the microphone. Well, Moms made a lengthy announcement. My fellow travelers and I looked at each other in confusion and we were fairly certain there was a flight delay and possibly a gate change but that was all we were able to decipher from Moms toothless dialog. Bless her heart, after confusing (and entertaining) a tired group of travelers she gathered up her belongings and moved on to her next assignment. Ah yes, gotta love the glamour and excitement of travel.


Jo said...

Oh yes, I have had the pleasure of leaving my footprints in the Atlanta airport twice in my life. I remember the first time this country girl was in awe at the size and the fact that I was expected to go from one side of the terminal to the complete opposite side in a matter of minutes to catch my departing connection. What and experience. Running into Mom's would have certainly made the experience more entertaining instead of so stressful.

Nancy said...

Visiting you from Tipper's blog -- I was intrigued by your blog title!

Hilarious post -- made me wonder if "Moms" was actually employed by Delta -- or just liked to dress up in airport garb while awol from the local nursing home. ;)

Jan said...

Jo...isn't that the truth! Since I live in Myrtle Beach I don't fly anyplace without going through Atlanta and I don't think I've ever had a connecting flight that departed from the same terminal where I landed.

Nancy, thank you for visiting and isn't Tipper the best? I enjoy reading everything she writes. Seriously...we wondered if "Moms" was really a Delta employee. All I can say is if she isn't on the Delta payroll they need to hire her just for the entertainment value. What a hoot!

Tipper said...

Makes me wish I was there too! Moms sounds like someone I'd like : )

(thanks for the nice comments about me-the perfect start to my day!!)