Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I stared the dragon straight in the eye and I won...YES I DID! I am soo proud! I packed up the cable boxes, cords, remotes and loaded them in the car. I swear in the background I could hear the theme from Star Wars. I marched straight into the Time Warner office, plunked my cable boxes, cords and remotes right smack on the counter (after waiting in line for 15 minutes it was more of a plop than a plunk)and said, "I want to reduce my service to basic cable." OK, my chin trembled just a little bit when I said it and there might have been one little tear in the corner of my left eye but I didn't back down. The two previous times I had lugged those darn cable boxes back to Time Warner a little twit behind the counter not only talked me out of going back to basic cable but convinced me to upgrade my service. Oh yes, she was gooood. So this time I was a little smarter and went to a different office and marched in there like my name is Mrs. T. Warner, Jr. I was eloquent, I was charming AND I stared the dragon DOWN! Wow...look out Sunny Day Dry Cleaners you are next and I'm on a roll.


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

So did you cave or not? :)

tipper said...

Congrats!! I knew you could do it!

ga.farmwoman said...

Good for you Jan! I may give that a try. I have a few things I need cutting back on too.