Friday, August 22, 2008


Whenever I stop by our snack bar to fill up my Diet Cherry Coke (necter from the Gods) I always take a couple of minutes to "spiff" up the counters and tables a bit especially during the busy summer months when everybody and their brother seem to decide at the same moment they can't live another minute without a big ole box of chicken nuggets or a jumbo hot dog. So this afternoon I'm wiping up the ketchup spills and getting ready to walk back to my office when this family of heathens appear and in less than 45 seconds absolutely demolish the entire condiment counter and the surrounding area. There was ketchup, mustard, lettuce, onion and relish flying in every direction. I am standing there holding my Diet Cherry Coke with my mouth open in shock when I notice the MOTHER is up to her elbows scooping the lettuce with her BARE hands! I said "Mam, Mam, MAM...we have tongs!" She looked me square in the eye, both hands still in the lettuce and said, "Thanks, but I don't needm'." Well yeah...guess she didn't.


ga.farmwoman said...

Ummm, I think that may be my vacationing
Have a good weekend, Jan.

madrekarin said...

Ew. And ew again.

Eddie Carter said...

Remind me to skip the lettuce next time I'm in town!

Jan said...

Pam...if these were your relatives please consider yourself invited to my house for Thanksgiving sans THOSE relatives!

madekarin, I agree!

Eddie, Hmmm....guess I should have mentioned that BEFORE I went back to my office I pulled all the containers and they were replaced with new condiments. I also wanted to bleach my eyeballs to remove the image of someones FINGERNAILS digging in MY lettuce. I may never eat out again.

Susie said...

OMG! Can't BELIEVE people would do that! I may never eat out again either! Yuck-o-Yuck!